A pencil sketch by Adrian Romero depicting an old verteran teaching trapping to a young boy

Keeping Traditions Alive

The youth of today are becoming ever more detached from the outdoors. Nature and wildlife are something they see on screen and not something many children will have the opportunity to experience firsthand. Camp WHOA is on a mission to inspire and nurture in youth a lifelong love for the outdoors through education and adventure. Each year we host events to educate youth about wildlife management, hunter safety, outdoor sports, camaraderie through outdoor activities and to have respect for the nature that surrounds them.

About Walking Humbly Outdoor Adventures
(Camp WHOA)

Camp WHOA’s founder, Micah Seavers, spent his youth being blessed with opportunities to be in the outdoors hunting and fishing with wonderful mentors to guide him. As Micah grew up, he would see kids have an interest in the outdoors but lacking the mentors to nurture that interest into a lifelong love for nature and wildlife. Wanting to be part of the solution he began with educating interested youth by taking them hunting, fishing, and trapping. This one-on-one effort turned into programs that grew from Micah mentoring a few kids, to his outdoorsmen friends joining him and many more kids participating. At this point the need to form a non-profit organization and build a permanent camp was made obvious. The camp consists of 41 beds in 8 rooms, one room being fully wheelchair accessible including the in-cabin bathroom, and the camp commons building houses the kitchen, laundry, lounging area, showers, and bathrooms. The Annual West Kentucky’s Trappers Class, held every July, helped Micah to make connections that sparked many of our programs. At its start WHOA sponsored hunts for Veteran and Police Officer’s children, this sparked the idea for what is now our annual youth deer hunt,“Hero’s Hunt”, for Children of Gold Star Families, Purple Heart Recipients and Wounded or Killed First Responders. Camp WHOA aims to give back to those who have sacrificed so much for our country. Having the opportunity to share the outdoor knowledge and skills with children who have themselves sacrificed so much for our country has been and will continue to be one of Camp WHOA’s greatest honors. Some of the other programs at WHOA are, “Catching with Cops” fishing outing which will focus on encouraging positive relationships between Law Enforcement and at-risk youth who have suffered through abuse, neglect, and poverty, the “Survivor’s Syndrome Quail Hunt” will focus on Veterans that may be at risk for suicide due to the PTSD and guilt that comes from surviving when their comrades did not, connecting them with their children in a fun environment that can help them step away from any negative thoughts that may plague them, our Annual West Kentucky Trappers Class that is open to the public to learn about trapping and its rich history and other activities and hunts.

Our goal at Walking Humbly Outdoor Adventures is to continue encouraging youth to get involved with the outdoors through education and adventure. We want to continue to expand our current programs to include more children. In the future as we have more participants, we will naturally come up with more program ideas to connect youth with the outdoors. As our program becomes known among the hunting and outdoor activities community, our hope is that other outdoor enthusiast use our organization as an example and replicate what we have been doing in their own communities.

Walking Humbly Outdoor Adventures is dedicated to seeing our youth become lovers of the outdoors and all the adventure, knowledge, and camaraderie that comes with it. Camp WHOA will continue to provide and promote youth outdoor education, programs focused on our at-risk youth, and to give back to our military veterans and first responders who serve our country so selflessly. The work that Walking Humbly Outdoor Adventures does will live on in the children who have participated in our programs, classes and adventures through the skills learned, knowledge gained, friends made, and lifelong love for the outdoors.

Meet Our Team

Board President Micah Seavers posing with a dog and a fish he caught

Micah Seavers
Board President

I am Micah Seavers and I am blessed to be the acting President of WHOA. I am surrounded by wonderful people that help make this possible. Growing up all over the United States meant not having “normal” childhood but I was blessed to be surrounded by amazing mentors that showed me the outdoors. We want to supply the same opportunity to kids that might not otherwise have the chance. We also strive to offer these opportunities to some of the most deserving in our country, those that have served and fought been wounded or lost their lives protecting us all.

A portrait of WHOA vice-president Dennis Hinds

Dennis Hinds

My name is Dennis Hinds and I am so blessed to be a part of this wonderful organization and the amazing people involved in it. I reside in Alabama where I was born and raised but Kentucky has become my 2nd home. I met Micah Seavers while here on a hunting trip several years ago. We hit it off right away, became good friends and I consider it an honor to be a part of his many projects. It has been an honor to serve the families of our wounded and fallen soldiers in what was then called the “Gold Star Kids”. Since the program has evolved to “Walking Humbly Outdoor Adventures” we are not limited to military families anymore but also families of First Responders. My dad has taught me everything I know about hunting and fishing since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. I love passing on that knowledge and seeing the smiles on the faces of those precious children. It’s a small thing I can do to say “Thank you for your service and sacrifice.”

a portrait of board secretary Christina Dixon

Christina Dixon

I grew up surrounded by outdoorsmen, married an outdoorsman, and then had children who keep the tradition of outdoors sportsmanship alive in our family. I am blessed to be a part of Walking Humbly Outdoor Adventures and watch children find a love for the outdoors while learning and having fun.

board treasurer Dusty Basham standing outside in winter

Dusty Basham

I’ve known Micah Seavers since 2003 when I married his sister, Cassy. We lived in my home state of West Virginia until 2016 when we moved here to Kentucky. I got involved with WHOA because of my love for the outdoors, hunting, trapping, and sports shooting. My first event that I help out with was the Annual West Kentucky Trappers Class, held every July. I had my father as a mentor teaching me to love the outdoors and I became a dad who enjoys teaching his kids about the outdoors as well. Not all kids have mentors, and I am blessed to be involved with Camp WHOA sharing the love and knowledge of the outdoors. I have a rich family history of military service and first responders and being able to give back to those who have served in these noble professions is an honor.

Ray Williams III
Board Member

My name is Ray Gene Williams III, and I am a family man, businessman, and an avid outdoorsman. As the Bible teaches us to give back, what better way than through a child. When camp WHOA was in the beginning stages I jumped at the opportunity to help because our missions aligned with getting kids outdoors. I am truly blessed to be a part of camp WHOA. Listening to the tragedies and sorrows, and the laughs will have you truly Walking Humbly Outdoors.

a portrait of Stacey Bullock

Stacey Bullock
Southeast Fundraising Director

As a young boy growing up my dad served in the military. He taught me gun safety, the great outdoors, and a love for hunting. Also, he taught me how much our military sacrifice for our freedom. As I grew older, I wanted to find a way to give back. While hunting in Kentucky I met Micah Seavers. He was talking about the military kids and the sacrifice the families have to make which can unfortunately include the loss of a parent. Micah had the facility and the land. Our conversation turned into a discussion about a heroes hunt for the Gold Star family children. This annual hunt has now grown to include Purple Hearts, firefighters, and police officer children. This is such a special time of the year for me and an event I plan for and look forward to each year.